Operation Profile (3252011040) updated on 10/27/2021

 Operation Name:  Tend Coffee
 Operation Status:  Certified
 Status Effective Date:  08/08/2011
 Certifier:  [NOFA-NY] NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC
 NOP ID:  3252011040
 Certifier Client ID:  2011040
 Other/Former Names:  N/A
 NOP Anniversary Date:  08/11/2021
 Business Types/Services:  --

Scope and Product Summary

ScopeStatusEffective DateCertified Products
Beverage Related Products: Coffee (Backpack Blend; Bali Blue Moon; Booster Blend, Afterburner Dark Roast; Booster Blend, Love of Country Medium Roast; Booster Blend, Love of Country MOAB Coffee Espresso; Booster Blend, Milky Way Medium Roast; Booster Blend, Stellar Light Roast; Booster Blend, Tethered Decaf; Brazil; Breeze Blend; Colombia; Congo; Costa Rican; Dark Roast Blend; Daybreak Blend; Decaf Backpack Blend; Decaf Blend; Decaf Pull Espresso Blend; Decaf Sidamo; Decaf Special Prep Blend; Decaf Sumatra; El Salvador; Flores; Grass Puppy Blend; Guatemala; Half the Caff; Honduras; Java; Kenya; Komodo Dragon; Light Roast Blend; Medium Roast Blend; Mexico; Nicaragua; Papua New Guinea; Peru; Pull Espresso Blend; Rhino Chaser Blend; Rwanda; Shark Bite Blend; Sidamo; Special Prep Blend; Spring in your Step; Sulawesi; Sumatra; Sun Power Blend; Uganda; Weekender Blend; Winter Harvest Blend,)

Contact Information

 Name:  Susan Kennedy
 Phone:  631-772-4707
 Email:  N/A
 Website:  www.tendcoffee.com
[Physical Address]
45 Ramsey Rd Unit 22
Shirley, NY 11967
United States of America
[Mailing Address]
924 Montauk Highway
Shirley, NY 11967
United States of America