Counts of Certified Organic Operations sorted by Country, US State or Territory, Certifier, and Scope can be viewed and downloaded. A United States heat map of certified operations is also available. If you download the PDF report, it will contain current data. If you open the full report, you will be able to select the date for which you would like to see the counts.

Counts of USDA-NOP Certified Organic Operations

Disclaimer: For more up-to-date information about certified organic operations, please contact their certifying agent directly. To find a certifying agent’s contact information, visit our Certifier Locator page.

For information on Canadian certified operations, see the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website. Since products certified to the USDA organic regulations and the Canadian Organic Regime may be sold as organic in both countries, Canadian operations no longer need to maintain certification to the USDA in order to sell organic products in the U.S. The only Canadian operations listed here are those which produce products that are not eligible for Canadian certification, such as pet food.

Operations certified under international trade agreements, also known as Recognition Agreements, do not appear on this list.