Organic INTEGRITY Database Support

Answers to most INTEGRITY questions can be found in our compilation of Frequently Asked Questions. Additional information can be found on the About page.

We get a lot of questions about a few things that you might be wondering about, too:

  • Did you search INTEGRITY for a certified organic business and didn’t see it listed? The next step is to ask the business claiming organic certification for the name of their USDA organic certifying agent. Then, contact the certifying agent (find them using USDA’s Organic Certifier Locator) to confirm certification and request a certificate. If the business is certified, the certificate must be available to the public from the certifier upon request. If the business appears to be falsely advertising as organic, please consider submitting a complaint with your evidence to USDA.
  • Did you search INTEGRITY for a certified organic business in India and didn’t see it listed? Farms and businesses that are certified under international organic trade agreements are not listed in INTEGRITY. However, organic farms and businesses in India that are currently certified by an APEDA-accredited certifier and want to continue exporting organic product to the United States will need to apply for certification with a USDA-accredited certifier. You can select “Applied; APEDA Certified” for operation status to find those operations as they are added by USDA-accredited certifiers. Visit the International Trade Partners page for more information.
  • Are you interested in getting certified organic? The National Organic Program’s fact sheet on organic certification explains who does and does not need to be certified, and provides an overview of the certification process (including inspections and enforcement activities).

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