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 Operation Name:  Seasonings.Net, LLC Dba North American Seasonings
 Operation Status:  Certified
 Status Effective Date:  08/30/2011
 Certifier:  [WSDA] Washington State Department of Agriculture
 NOP ID:  2780002635
 Certifier Client ID:  2635
 Other/Former Names:  N/A
 NOP Anniversary Date:  N/A
 Business Types/Services:  --

Scope and Product Summary

ScopeStatusEffective DateCertified Products
Seasonings: Herbs (Herbs and Spices: Dried (Barlean's - Organic Pumpkin Spice Seasoning, Cosmic Apple Farms - Organic Beef Bratwurst Seasoning, Cosmic Apple Farms - Organic Weiner Seasoning, Vital Choice - Salmon Patty Mix)); Processed Items: Ready to Eat Foods (Other Processed Products: Prepared Foods (Patagonia Provisions - Black Bean Soup, Patagonia Provisions - Green Lentil Soup, Patagonia Provisions - Red Bean Chili, Patagonia Provisions - Tsampa Soup, Patagonia Provisions – Savory Grains Green Kale and Kamut, Patagonia Provisions – Savory Grains Mushroom and Kamut)); Other Grains, Pastas and Cereals: Seeds (Grain or Seed Products: Milled Grains or Seeds (Flax Seed, Nature's Path - Organic Flax Plus Flaxseed Meal)), Seeds (Grain or Seed Products: Whole Grains or Seeds (Flax Seed, Nature's Path - Organic Flax Plus Flaxseed, Nature's Path - Organic Chia Seeds)); Health Products: Supplements (Health and Beauty: Vitamins and Supplements (Real Mushrooms - 5 Defenders , Real Mushrooms – Chaga Extract, Real Mushrooms - Cordyceps-M, Real Mushrooms - Lions Mane Extract, Real Mushrooms - Reishi Extract 415, Real Mushrooms - Shiitake +, Real Mushrooms - Turkey Tail Extract)); Dry/Baking Goods: Baking Mixes (Bakery and Snacks: Baking Ingredients (Garvey's - Organic Brown Bread Mix, Garvey's - Organic Irish Soda Bread Mix, Garvey's - Organic Plain Scone Mix, Garvey's Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix)); Bread/Bakery/Snacks: Cereal (Bakery and Snacks: Prepared Goods (Nature's Path - Organic Q'ia Apple Cinnamon, Nature's Path - Organic Q'ia Cranberry Vanilla, Nature's Path - Organic Q'ia Original, Patagonia Provisions - Organic Creamy Banana Hot Cereal Mix, Patagonia Provisions - Organic Red Raspberry Hot Cereal Mix, Patagonia Provisions - Organic Tart Apple Hot Cereal Mix))

Contact Information

 Name:  Guy Hawkins
 Phone:  N/A
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PO Box 746
Kent, WA 98032
United States of America