Operation Profile (2170421051) updated on 07/01/2020

 Operation Name:  1000 Springs Mill
 Operation Status:  Certified
 Status Effective Date:  01/17/2018
 Certifier:  [ISDA] Idaho State Department of Agriculture
 NOP ID:  2170421051
 Certifier Client ID:  42-1051
 Other/Former Names:  N/A
 NOP Anniversary Date:  01/01/2021
 Business Types/Services:  --

Scope and Product Summary

ScopeStatusEffective DateCertified Products
Other: Cleaning, Milling and Grinding: 100% Organic: Barley (black, purple), Beans (black beans, garbanzo, great northern, pinto, small red, tavera), Buckwheat, Corn, Dry Mash, Grain Tailings, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Polenta, Popcorn, Tye, Wheat (hard red winter, spring red , hard red, hard white), and Wheat Flour.

Contact Information

 Name:  Kurt Mason
 Phone:  N/A
 Email:  kurt@1000springsmill.com
 Website:  N/A
[Physical Address]
430 7th Avenue South
Buhl, ID 83316
United States of America
[Mailing Address]
PO Box 509
Buhl, ID 83316
United States of America